Sportsco aims to disrupt sports retail scene in Australia by fusing sports and fashion in a high-energy and dynamic retail environment. Sportsco is the only sports retailer that hand picks the best of the best in training, performance and lifestyle gear form the world's leading sport brands, to consumers who want an edge.

If you are passionate, hard - working, thrive on leading people and love interacting with customers, keep reading.

Opportunities exist NATIONALLY to join the team.

If you are seriously considering becoming part of our team, please read this section carefully. It should help inform you on the major points of discussion and answer many of your questions.



Every gender and key categories are covered, including Women’s, Men’s, Kid’s, Apparel, Footwear and Accessories by the leading brands such as Nike, Adidas, PUMA, ASICS, New Balance, Converse, 2XU, and Skins.

We work closely with suppliers to hand pick the best head-to-toe assortment in our stores.



The store environment is the ultimate showcase and physical touch point between the brand and the customer. The design, instore technology and finishes are a key part of what sets us apart from our competitors. We are constantly disrupting ourselves to ensure we deliver an engaging and energetic in-store experience. 



Once you become a SPORTSCO business owner you have a team of dedicated and talented people whose goal is to support you through your journey. Our support is turnkey;

  • Operational policy and procedures

  • Store design, Layout and Construction

  • Team Recruitment

  • IT and Point of Sale setup

  • Supplier Relationships and exclusive trading terms

  • Notional and Local Area Marketing Support

  • Visual Merchandising

  • Field support

  • Continuous Training and Education


The following is a list if the qualities and attributes that we are looking for in a Franchise Partner

Passion for retail: We want people with a passion for retail, high quality service, and leadership. You will need to have a strong desire to both understand our ethos and vision.

Solid business acumen/experience: We want Franchise Partners with extensive experience in people management. Ideally you will have run a team or lead a department, managed a business or run large scale projects and have a sound understanding of the financial requirements of running your own business. Experience running your own business will be favourably looked upon, however not essential.

Great Leadership and Interpersonal Skills: Not only are our Franchise Partners leaders, they are recruiter's, trainers, enjoy working alongside people and are willing to involve themselves in their local community. We are looking for Franchise Partners confident in their ability to find great people to mentor and support them.

Hard working: Being a great Franchise Partner requires a combination of both business acumen and hard work. We are looking for Franchise Partners who are also willing and able to put in the long hours and hard work to make their team and their store/s a success.

Great attitude: We are searching for passionate people who are optimistic and driven to succeed. A focus on delivering the Sportsco experience and creating 'wow' moments is a necessity.

Ability to Follow Sportsco’s Policies and Procedures: While our Franchise Partners are encouraged to run their business as their own, Sportsco has policies and procedures in place that all stores need to follow as part of a national brand.



  1. What types of locations are suitable for Sportsco stores?

Sportsco stores operate in a combination of strip locations and major shopping centre’s that have high volume traffic. The ideal footprint is 140-160m2.

  1. Do I need to have sports retail experience?

No, many of our successful operators have no previous retail experience. You do need to possess strong people management skills, and have a positive and proactive mindset.

  1. How much time do I need to spend in-store?

As with any new business, the initial investment of time required while the store develops a foothold is fairly significant. However, as Sportsco is quite systemised and process-driven, this typically reduces over time. It is crucial all times to be engaged with the business performance though, even when not in-store.

  1. Is it possible to have multiple locations?

Yes. Many of our Business Owners have multiple locations. The Sportsco business models lends itself to owners who have strong financial and team management systems that can be leveraged across additional sites.

  1. Who supplies the products?

Most products are purchased directly through the suppliers so the franchise partners get to develop relationships with the brands. The product ranges are developed by the Sportsco buying and planning team and our key suppliers.  Franchise partners also have an opportunity to work with the buying team to add additional products that are suit their local market.  As Sportsco is a national brand, there are core ranges that will need to be stock to ensure consistency nationally.

  1. Who determines the right location?

The Sportsco Franchising and Leasing department sources the locations, but we are also open to any opportunities presented to us by prospective business owners. The viability of any location will need to be established through consideration of traffic flow, occupancy costs, exposure, market demographics and success of other retailers in the trading area. 

  1. Who manages the development of my store?

Sportsco manages the design, construction, opening inventory and equipment with the involvement of the Business Owner. We also assist with initial recruitment and training. Ongoing, the day to day business operations of the store are the responsibility of the Business Owner, in accordance with Sportsco’s Operation Guidelines.

  1. Who holds the lease?

This depends on the site. Typically, it will be held by Sportsco Australia, but some locations may be held by the Business Owner.

  1. What income can a Business Owner expect to earn?

This is dependent on a number of factors, including your level of involvement in the operation, sales performance, cost management, occupancy costs, location and market. We have developed a number of business models that can provide indicative scenarios relative to revenue and expenditure, but these are only guidelines.

  1. How do I apply for a Franchise?

Simply complete the Application Form and submit it to us. Following your application a Sportsco representative will contact you to begin the qualification process.