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We take women's sportswear and sports clothes for women seriously. We have only the best quality clothing and activewear for women to ensure you can work out in both comfort and style. Our women’s range is both fashionable and functional. This means you can not only more readily work towards your fitness goals, you can look good and feel great while doing so.

Sportsco has always prided ourselves on bringing only the best quality, to meet your needs and have you looking and feeling amazing. Everything in our women’s sportswear range is made from the finest quality materials, purpose designed with your comfort in mind. No matter your needs, your shape or size, we’ve got you covered.

What’s available in sportswear for women and workout clothes for women?

We have a wide variety of tops, pants, womens runners and outerwear, catering for every size, style and budget. Every woman is different. And every woman should feel confident and comfortable when working out. Our range is specifically designed for women, to ensure you get the absolute best.

Our women’s sportswear and sports clothes offer not only a great variety of colours and styles but are also specifically designed for sports and workouts. Assuring comfort and functionality, no matter your needs, at the lowest possible prices.


  • Sports shoes, thongs and slides
  • T-shirts, singlets and sports bras
  • Shorts, tights and pants
  • Socks
  • Jackets and jumpers
  • Hats and head protection
  • And many, many more items being added regularly


No matter your sports wear or workout clothes needs and no matter your budget, you can be assured we have it. Offering all of the above items and more, our extensive range will have you looking and feeling amazing in no time.


Why Sportsco for sportswear and sports clothes for women?

We live and breathe all kinds of sports. We know that needs are varied, styles and preferences differ and we always strive to improve and outdo ourselves. We only sell brands that are not only high quality, but on point with style and function. And we are excited to be able to offer these to you at our competitive prices.

You need the best, and that’s exactly what our women’s range provides. Shop today and browse our varied items of women’s sportswear and workout clothes. You are certain to find exactly what you need.

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