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Dry Off in Style, with Sportsco’s Phenomenal Gym Towels & Workout Bands

No gym gear kit is complete without a quality towel for drying off after a rigorous workout. Not only is it good etiquette to leave gym equipment in the condition you found it in, but stepping out into the wind while dripping with sweat is bad for your health.

Our selection of sports and gym towels are innovatively designed to absorb moisture, whilst remaining extremely light so as not to weigh down your sports duffel bag.

With Sportco’s excellent selection of gym towels, you don’t need to compromise on size for the sake of more space in your gym bag – our sports towels are large, but can be tightly folded and slotted into remarkably small spaces, making them an ideal option for travelling, camping, and beach trips.

Meanwhile, our fitness bands help you soak up excess sweat and enjoy a more hygienic workout. Fitting snug around your wrists or head for a comfortable fit, our selection of gym bands are expertly designed to soak up moisture while remaining so weightless that you’ll forget you’re even wearing them!


What makes a specially designed gym towel different to ordinary bath or beach towels?

You might have gotten by using a regular towel for gym workouts in the past, but once you’ve experienced the superior quality of a purpose-designed gym towel, you’ll never be able to go back!

Here are some of the standout features you can expect from our superb selection of gym towels:

  • Quick drying, for convenience and to avoid damp gear in your sports bag
  • Special lightweight design to keep your gym gear as light as possible
  • Fold up to be very compact, taking up minimal space in your bag
  • State-of-the-art moisture absorbing technology to soak up sweat while remaining dry for longer
  • Extra soft fibres for luxury and comfort

Customers who purchase our gym towels and fitness bands also tend to enjoy our extensive range of basketball footwear, compression clothing and sports water bottles.


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