Inspire your next little Michael Jordan or Lauren Jackson to be the best they can be on the basketball court with the latest in kids’ basketball shoes. Hit threes with specially designed basketball shoes for kids. Look cool and play their best on court with the perfect pair of kid’s basketball boots. Designed for the court, our range of girls’ basketball shoes and boys’ basketball shoes has something for everyone.


Kids basketball shoes need to be supportive and comfortable for the hours they spend on the court. Whether they’re just starting out or they’re keen to represent their local club or school, make sure your kids have the best basketball boots to fit them. Set them up for success with a great pair of shoes to ensure protection for their ankles and feet.



When choosing the right pair of basketball shoes, you want to make sure your little baller has a pair that will last through the season. Picking the right size to avoid slipping and create maximum cushioning is the best option. We have a range of technology to best fit each player, and a great range of colours to complement their personal style. Look out for great options like soft uppers, synthetic and breathable material to ensure ultimate comfort.


When your kids are full of energy and ready to run out onto the court, you want to make sure they have the best supportive footwear to see them through. Our huge range of kids’ basketball boots is ready and waiting for that need layup, three pointer or bounce pass.

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